The Madison Living History Project is a place to share stories and images related to Madison’s history. These are snapshots of Madison neighborhoods, places, people, and events conveyed through conversations with and stories from community members.

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Recently Added Items

COVID-19 story by Anonymous Addict in Recovery, January 29, 2021


An anonymous addict in long term recovery shares their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Madison. They talk about the challenges and new…

COVID-19 story by Jayda Woods, February 11, 2021


Jayda Woods shares her experience as a high school student during the COVID-19 pandemic in Madison. She describes what it was like when school shut…

COVID-19 story by Derrick Allen, February 11, 2021


Derrick Allen shares his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Madison. He talks about getting laid off from two jobs early on in the pandemic,…