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Kent Liska Part One, June 17, 2013.MP3
This is an oral history interview with Westmorland neighborhood resident Kent Liska.

Kent Liska @ 018 uclid Avenue, 2013.jpg
Kent Liska stands in front of the residence at 4018 Euclid Ave in the Westmorland neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin.

4018 Euclid Avenue-2013.JPG
A photograph of the exterior of the residence at 4018 Euclid Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kent Liska-summer ballgame @ Midvale School, 1950s.jpg
A photograph shows a baseball game being played at a school baseball diamond. Kent Liska is the batter at bat in the photo.

Kent Liska-snow-scene-1950s.jpg
Kent Liska stands with a snow shovel on a cleared sidewalk, with large snowbanks on either side.

Rentschler West Midget Midvale #2 baseball team, August 1958.jpg
A photograph of a youth baseball team. Eleven youth stand in two rows, wearing baseball uniforms and mitts. Kent Liska is in the 2nd row, 3rd from the left.

Kent Liska, Safety Patrol, 05-11-1960.tif
A photograph of Kent Liska in safety patrol uniform.
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