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Ellen and Howard Cross Part 1, 08-02-2013.MP3
This is an oral history interview with Westmorland neighborhood residents Ellen Cross and Howard Cross. There is no audio file for the second part of their interview.

Ellen and Howard Cross.jpg
A close-up photograph of Ellen and Howard Cross.

Cross-3912 Paunack Ave..JPG
A photograph of the exterior of the residence located at 3912 Paunack Ave in the Westmorland neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin.

Cross Children, Jeff, Gerri, & Kathy, Easter 1954.jpg
A photograph of the Cross children standing outdoors on Easter Sunday. From left: Jeff, Gerri, and Kathy.

July 4 1957, the Cross children.jpg
A photograph of the three Cross children, taken on July 4th, 1957.

June 1963 Kathy's Girl Scout Group with leader Ellen Cross.jpg
A photograph of members of a Girl Scout troop sitting outside. Ellen Cross was the troop leader; Kathy Cross was a troop member.
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