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Mike McGrath describes the experience of the Safer at Home order during the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. Mike talks about what his neighborhood looks like at the moment, and describes what library work from home is like during this time.

Mark Koranda describes his experience as a graduating UW-Madison Ph.D. student during the social distance measures that were put in place in Madison in the spring of 2020. Mark shares a story about some project work he did on a national scale for…

David Spies shares his story about working at the Pinney Library on Madison's east side a couple of days prior to the Safer at Home social distancing order in spring 2020. David, who works as a Madison election inspector, shares a story about working…

Kerry Schumann shares a story about the Get Out The Vote campaign when Wisconsin held its election during a pandemic. This story was originally recorded and shared as part of an episode of the Madison podcast Inside Stories. Listen to that episode…

Coburn Dukehart shares a story about the experience of working as a photojournalist during the primary election in Wisconsin on April 7th, 2020, during the period of social distancing efforts in Wisconsin.See Coburn's photo essays from April 7th,…

Erica Hainz describes working at the Central Library on the day before the Safer at Home order went into effect in Madison, Wisconsin on March 17, 2020. Erica describes working as an election worker assisting with curbside voting on Election Day for…

Jennifer Libert describes her experience working with the City Clerk's office, first in preparing absentee ballots to send by mail, and then as a poll worker on Election Day during the Wisconsin presidential primary.
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