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rottier interview.jpg
A photograph of Susan Rottier, taken during her oral history interview at the Garver Feed Mill on November 2, 2019.

feed mill foreman standing on bags of feed.jpg
A photograph of Garver Supply Co. foreman Arthur M. Petterson standing on a stack of full feed bags, at the Garver Feed Mill building in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mr. Garver at desk.jpg
A photograph of James Russell Garver, seated at his office desk at Garver Supply Co. The following is text from the (edited) caption that accompanies the image:

"J.R. Garver, president of Garver Supply Co., Madison manufacturer and distributor of…

Susan Rottier shares her family's history with the Garver Feed Mill, where her father was the foreman for many years. She tells about coming to visit him at work as a child.
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