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A photograph of the interior of the renovated Garver Feed Mill building on Madison's east side. A light-up sign for Ian's Pizza may be seen in the background.

us sugar railroad tracks.jpg
Exterior view of the United States Sugar Company factory next to railroad tracks.

A photograph of the front exterior of the Garver Feed Mill building, located on Madison's east side.

A hyperlink to an interactive "story map" website intended to gather community stories and photos about the area between the Goodman Community Center and the Garver Feed Mill on Madison's east side.

A hyperlink to the record for a geography master's thesis about collective memory and the historic preservation process at Garver Feed Mill. The thesis is written by Rebecca Summer and archived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Scan of Garver Part 1 Submittal - 5-8-15 history.pdf
Application submitted to the National Park Service to certify the building that housed Garver Feed Mill and Supply Company added to the National Register of Historic Places.

women in front of beet mill building 1924.jpg
Two women standing on path in front of the Garver Feed Mill, which was originally a sugar beet processing factory.
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