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View of a construction site, where a home is being built by VR construction, with a cherry picker construction vehicle and a portable toiled in the foreground.

Detail from a construction site in Madison, showing parts of the unfinished foundation and the first floor of the home.

A builder from VR Construction, stands on a cherry pickers, while he works on the second story exterior of a house in Madison.

A pick-up and trailer from VR Construction, parked in front of a construction site in Madison.

A builder from VR Construction works on the internal structure of attic in Madison.

Victor Rojas, from VR Construction, snaps a selfie on a cold day in Madison, while working on an attic.

Two builders from VR Construction work on the joists of a house in Madison,

A builder from VR Construction works on the foundation of a house in Madison.

Víctor Rojas nos cuenta sobre su experiencia como uno de los dueños de compañías de construcción en la ciudad de Madison. Víctor Rojas nos habla también de los desafíos que a tenido que superar y las satisfacciones que su compañía le a dado por más…
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