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Henry Esser stands on the step in front of Koltes & Esser Hardware in the 300 block of West Lakeside Street. Fencing, garbage cans, a hose reel and lawn mower are on display at the curb. The rear of the company truck can be seen parked on the left.…

Photograph of the Matthews children, at their house on West Washington Avenue. Left to right: Rose Lee, age 9; Addrena, age 12; Ollie Mae, age 15.

Photograph of Mona Adams Winston, headshot.

Photograph of the Matthews-Adams-Winston family residence, located at 15 Lakeshore Court, Madison, Wisconsin.

Oral history interview with Mona Adams Winston. Mona grew up on Lakeshore Court, next to Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin. Mona recounts childhood stories and memories including riding the city bus downtown to pay her family's bills at various…
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