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Westmorland Park, 4th of July Pony Rides, ca. 1968.jpg
A photograph of two youth riding on ponies in an outdoor pen, taken at the Westmorland neighborhood Fourth of July celebration, in Madison, Wisconsin, ca. 1962.

Westmorland 4th of July Parade-Mary Joe Schultz(middle) with friends, ca. 1967.jpg
Children in costume prepare for the Fourth of July parade in the Westmorland neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin, ca. 1967. Mary Jo Schultz is in the blue dress, accompanied by friends.

Schultz Kids getting ready for 4th of July parade, ca. 1965.jpg
Schultz children wear their costumes ahead of the Fourth of July parade in the Westmorland neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin, ca. 1965. A bicycle is decorated with red, white, and blue bunting in the background.

Clifden Drive Block Party Adults Suitcase Game, ca. 1968.jpg
A photograph taken during the "suitcase game" for adults at the Clifden Drive block party in Madison, Wisconsin, ca. 1968. A group of approximately twenty adults stands on a lawn. A man in a blue cardigan sweater carries two suitcases to where three…

Clifden Drive Block Party, ca. 1966.jpg
A photograph of the kids' table at the Clifden Drive block party, ca. 1966, in Madison, Wisconsin. Several children are seated at two tables, while an older adult stands close by.

Clifden Drive Block Picnic, ca. 1966.jpg
A photograph depicting a neighborhood block party on Clifden Drive in Madison, Wisconsin. People are seated at picnic tables in a backyard.

John Schultz 3rd Birthday Party with Grandpa Shea, 1961.jpg
A photograph of a birthday party held for John Schultz's third birthday in 1961. Kathleen, John, and Virginia are pictured, with Grandpa Shea in the background.

Schultz Kids, 9back row) Kathleen & John, (front row) Virginia & Mary, ca. 1962.jpg
A portrait of the four Schultz children, taken ca. 1962. Back row: Kathleen and John; front row: Virginia and Mary.

453 Clifden Drive, Winter 1962-1963.jpg
A photograph of the exterior of the Schultz family residence at 453 Clifden Drive, in the Westmorland neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. The house and yard are covered in snow.

Lorene Schultz @ home-2013.jpg
A photograph of Lorene Schultz at her home in the Westmorland neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin.

Loren Schultz, interviewed by Carole Vincent, Part I, 1 min 0 sec, 06-05-2013.mp3
This is an oral history interview with Westmorland neighborhood resident Lorene Schultz.
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