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Kent Liska, Safety Patrol, 05-11-1960.tif
A photograph of Kent Liska in safety patrol uniform.

Rentschler West Midget Midvale #2 baseball team, August 1958.jpg
A photograph of a youth baseball team. Eleven youth stand in two rows, wearing baseball uniforms and mitts. Kent Liska is in the 2nd row, 3rd from the left.

Kent Liska-snow-scene-1950s.jpg
Kent Liska stands with a snow shovel on a cleared sidewalk, with large snowbanks on either side.

Kent Liska-summer ballgame @ Midvale School, 1950s.jpg
A photograph shows a baseball game being played at a school baseball diamond. Kent Liska is the batter at bat in the photo.

4018 Euclid Avenue-2013.JPG
A photograph of the exterior of the residence at 4018 Euclid Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kent Liska @ 018 uclid Avenue, 2013.jpg
Kent Liska stands in front of the residence at 4018 Euclid Ave in the Westmorland neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kent Liska Part One, June 17, 2013.MP3
This is an oral history interview with Westmorland neighborhood resident Kent Liska.
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