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Mary Kay( left) was a guest of honor at MASCP’s 25th Anniversary. She is pictured here with Sue Lloyd, another long time supporter and active member of MASCP. Sue and her husband, the Rev. Art Lloyd, were both passionate supporters of CALA and…

In 1998, Maria Serrano (formerly Chichilco) (right) traveled to Madison and was happily reunited with her old friend, Mary Kay Baum. Unknown photographer

(l to r) María Chichilco, a Farabundi Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) guerrilla commander from Arcatao and Mary Kay Baum from Madison in late 1986. They met in San Jose Las Flores to exchange the official resolution making Madison and Arcatao…

Mary Kay Baum is well-known and highly respected in the Madison area as a community organizer, lawyer, school board member, county board member, ordained minister and one-time Madison mayoral candidate. She has dedicated her life to social justice…

Bob Skloot in fall of 2022, photo by Joan Laurion

Bob Skloot was and still is a member of Beth Israel Center Synagogue in Madison, WI. In 1983, he was instrumental in convincing his congregation to partner with three other faith organizations–the Community of John XXIII, Covenant Presbyterian Church…
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